August 30, 2013

Do your research!

There have been many times in my career when I have received a resume for an opening that I had posted and upon speaking to the candidate they had no idea as to what company I was with or what the position was. Remember I am speaking about people who applied to the job, not those that are being cold called. Have no fear, there is a simple fix to this, and that is when a number is calling you that you do not recognize, let it go to voice mail. Usually in the voice mail the Recruiter or the Hiring manager will identify them self as well as the company they represent. This gives you the opportunity to research the companies website, the individual calling you, and to recall the position you applied too, before having that conversation. This shows the Recruiter or Hiring Manager that you are not just applying for any job (even though you very well might be) without understanding the organization or the position itself. Remember looking for a job is a job within itself and with many people applying to the same roles, we need to give ourselves every advantage! Regards, John Greenblatt CEO, Five Star Resume LLC