May 28, 2020

Job Seeking During the Pandemic

Hello to all job seekers out there who are trying to navigate the job search while getting through the challenges of the pandemic. Although interviewing alone can be “intense”, utilize this time to find your niche in an environment you can call home One of my biggest tips to anyone on the job hunt is to showcase your personality and let your natural energy shine through. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and find an organization that fits YOU. While beginning the hunt, consider the following questions and tips below: Have you updated your resume? Tailor your professional profile and objective to each position you are applying to. Does your resume fit on one page? If not, is it longer for good reason? How many buzz words are included?   Do you have a LinkedIn profile and does it shout that you are an A+ candidate? If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, you can create a free account on Update your experience, photo, and skills. Add a fun headline! Showcase your personality in the bio. I love profiles that include quotes, activity, and pinned articles. Perhaps request a recommendation from a former coworker or colleague. Employers enjoy reviewing positive references. Now is the time for outreach :).   Who can you network with? Brainstorm 5-10 contacts that are in your network.  Send a friendly hello & attach

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