April 29, 2021

In-Person or Remote Working- What’s Your Vote?!

The Advantages & Disadvantages of In-Person & Remote Work Settings Over the past several years, one of the hottest topics of conversation includes the Pros and Cons of working remote versus in-person.  Pre-pandemic, companies were starting to “experiment” with the virtual workspace while allowing employees the flexibility to work remotely. Now, this is our “societal norm.” Since March 2020, the pandemic provided myself with the opportunity to work remote while comparing my experience to my previous “in-person” life. For 8 years, I worked in a corporate office in Talent Acquisition and Operations while teaching courses at LIM College. Although commuting over two hours to New York City was not the most enticing part of my day, I genuinely enjoyed getting dressed up and engaging with a team. Teaching students in person also created the opportunity for developing personal connections with them and coworkers alike. Flash forward to March 2020 up until the present date, zoom is my best friend and student discussion boards are part of my daily routine. As a working mom, I am able to continue my career while watching my son go through the many milestones of learning and development. As you can see, I have an internal dilemma regarding which setting offers the most perks and productivity. I have come to the conclusion that “the answer

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