September 14, 2021

Pay cut for Work From Home (WFH). Is it worth it?

When it comes to salary, we each seek to receive compensation that is comparable to the amount of experience we have. Often, we aim high, negotiate, and try to achieve our worth. However, in some cases, can less really mean “more”? During the pandemic, millions of employees have strived to work from home, even if it means taking a pay cut. Google recently approved 85% of employee requests to work from home while cutting their yearly salary. In a survey conducted by the Business Journal, Americans voted that they would take up to a 7% pay cut to WFH, part time. Other studies conducted by Pollfish demonstrated that some employees would shave off up to 25% of their salaries! Top reasons why employees have taken a pay cut to work from home: Health and Safety – Due to the pandemic, employees may want to have less exposure in the office and throughout their commutes. Working remotely creates a sense of ease for many. Cost Savings when it come to commuting expense. We also save on lunch, and that extra cup of coffee we all tend to need. Tax breaks – Remote work may allow us to write off internet, Wi-Fi, and phone services, leading to a better tax return. Work life balance – Saving commuting time allows employees the flexibility

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