October 22, 2021

Goal Setting and its Importance!

“The moment you put a deadline on your dream it becomes a goal!” Stephen Kellogg We all know goal setting is important but sometimes, we overlook the importance of setting goals that are mapped out. Have you ever set a goal and months later recognize that it was not achieved? Or do you recall a time when you achieved a goal and felt a HUGE sense of accomplishment?  When identifying the differences in what helps us achieve our goals, it often is found that a planning phase can make it or break it! Employees who set and achieve their goals are likely to gain a promotion or increase in compensation. Personal goals also help us stay energized and motivated. All around, goal setting is important for everyday growth. Below are 5 goal setting principals that can help you plan & achieve! Set a specific goal that is clear and concise: Setting clear goals will provide you with direction. Goals should also be concrete rather than generalized. For example, one of my colleagues had a goal of “increasing social media engagement.” After revisiting her goal, she developed a more concrete goal of “Increasing social media engagement by 10% at the end of Q3.”   Find a way to measure your goal: Measuring goals will help keep track of your progress. For

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