February 7, 2022

It’s a Job Seekers Market: Build Your Career Strategy

It’s a candidate’s market: What does it mean and how to take advantage.   The labor market has gone through a major transition since the start of 2020. Since the third quarter of 2021, we have entered a candidate driven market. What does this term mean? A candidate driven job market is one in which the job seekers have the upper hand and the number of open positions are outweighing the number of job seekers. It is an ideal time to work on your career strategy. In a candidate favoring market the individual has greater bargaining power.  With talent being in high demand, it allows the job seekers to be less flexible in terms of salary, work-life-balance and benefits. This shift is giving candidates an advantage to: Highlight your transferable skills to make the change to a different career. Negotiate salary, with in many cases having multiple competing offers in hand. Secure a role that is the at the next level. Many employees that previously found it difficult to secure that higher title may no longer face that barrier. Working from home has diminished the role that geography plays in our search. This allows for candidates to source jobs that they would have not had previous access to.   Now with less bargaining chips, companies are dealing with this power

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