April 12, 2022

Best Tactics to ask for a Raise

The thought of asking for a raise is intimidating to most, but it does not have to be. Those of us that work for a company with a structured pay scale or annual performance evaluations linked to compensation reviews may feel reduced stress. If you are looking for an off cycle raise or for some reason don’t have this structure, asking for a raise might be the only way to get it. The process can be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be. Before you have the conversation with the higher-ups, make sure to do your homework. The preparation you do before the conversation will be evident. Below are ways you should prepare: Know why you want a raise. Ensure that you give reasons that are based on performance, merit, market conditions and cost of living (inflation as an example). Determine how much you are willing to accept, make sure to go in asking for more than that number as a starting point. Note that the average raise is about 3% internally. Timing is everything! It is best to ask for something when people are in a good mood or after you recently got praise or completed a tough project. Set the occasion by considering all variables and people needed in the discussion. Don’t have this conversation out of the blue, schedule

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