July 26, 2022

The Importance of Maintaining an Updated Resume

Keeping your Resume up to date Writing a resume can be easy to put off, especially for candidates who are satisfied with their current position. Keeping your Resume up to date can help keep track of growth, significant accomplishments, and development. It also allows candidates to explore new opportunities at any time. We never know when opportunity will knock. It can come in many forms and from various channels. We could get a message on LinkedIn from a Recruiter. It can come from an old co-worker that feels you are perfect for a role at their new company. It might be a position you come across on LinkedIn or Indeed that just checks all of the boxes. Another reason for keeping a Resume up to date is to be ready for layoffs especially during a time of economic hardship. Recently, companies such as Netflix, Coinbase, and Notarize have laid off a significant number of employees. Coinbase has “laid off 1,000 employees to cut expenses” while Notarize has “laid off 25% of its workforce.”  Having an updated resume will allow immediate career exploration and can minimize the panic of unemployment. Check out these 5 easy tips below on how to remain vigilant in keeping your resume updated: Have a notebook or document saved and continuously add the following information: Each month,

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