February 21, 2023

Leadership Takes Place at all Levels

Building leadership capabilities at any level – what makes a good leader Every workplace needs effective leaders. Leadership skills enable you to be a role model for a team in any environment. Successful leaders come in all shapes and sizes as well as at all levels. Leaders can be people managers or individual contributors. All successful leaders see the big picture and can get the needed results. The things that make a good leader are mostly soft skills. Four of the key attributes of an effective leader in the workplace are below. Confidence Effective leaders have the confidence to act swiftly in stressful and often time sensitive situations. Keeping calm, cool and collected rather than panicky or stressed. Your attitude sets the tone for the team and needs to project stability and capability. Communication Leaders excel at keeping an open line of communication with their team or peers to identify any issues that may impact their performance. Great leaders often customize their interactions and communication styles to suit each situation and team member. Building a connection with your teammates, peers or direct reports is one of the most important skills of a leader. The ability to connect to your people fosters trust, accountability and a positive workplace. This will lead to a happy team, fulfilled manager and in turn a

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