April 12, 2023

Working Through Organizational Change

Working through organizational change – How to keep focused during layoffs. Organizational change can create a feeling of uncertainty for employees. Employees who are working for a company that is currently undergoing layoffs can utilize techniques and strategies to remain positive and motivated during times of change. Many times, we believe that only the directed employees feel the impact of a round of layoffs, however the data shows there is a ripple effect. Employees have every right to feel anxious during these periods, however they should also remember that they can use this time to showcase their BEST work. Prior to exercising the strategies below, it is important to understand the cause of the layoffs. Is it due to financial challenges or are the layoffs a result of employee performance? Understanding the cause of mass layoffs can help you employ the best strategies to decrease your anxiety. Strategies to stay focused during layoffs: Reach out to management to see how you can support the business during this time of transition. Make yourself “irreplaceable”. Set new goals, make sure they are attainable and model confidence. Stay confident and remind yourself that you are still working with the company because of your skills and expertise. Facilitate increased communication with management and subordinates. Keep track of updates, accomplishments, and KPI’s to clearly demonstrate

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