November 18, 2022

Don’t Match All of The Qualifications: Apply Anyway!

You may not meet every skill on a job description, so what, apply anyway! 

Many of us have been in the scenario were we are checking out job descriptions and find one that seems perfect. You read the posting and have an interest in the role, but you lack some of the stated requirements. Do you apply? I am here to tell you yes! Apply anyway. Do not count yourself out.

There is no perfect science when creating a job description. In many cases, these descriptions are describing the “dream candidate”. Often times the unintended consequence becomes that people who are largely qualified for a position, do not apply.

Now that you have made the decision to apply to this perfect position, how do you get your resume noticed.

Below is a list of strategies you can use to apply to that role.

Highlight Transferable Skills

  • Make sure your resume demonstrates when you have learned new skills which led to positive business outcomes.
  • Give evidence that you have used the required skills, even if its not executing the same tasks as what is on the job description.


Submit a Cover Letter

  • Write an amazing cover letter where you paint a picture of what you have done well and highlight that you have learned what the company wants and can deliver these results.
  • Mirror the language used in the job description in your cover letter, supported by action verbs like “built”, “headed” and “enhanced”. This will draw attention to your relevant results and achievements.


Show your Excitement

  • You can acquire skills, but not enthusiasm. Make sure on an interview to clearly show you are genuinely excited about a role and will do what it takes to succeed.
  • Consider, too, what activities you’re already doing in your day-to-day professional life that indicate your passion. Do you attend industry events, listen to applicable podcasts? Your cover letter or in the interview would be the best place to show your commitment and enthusiasm


Do not allow imposter syndrome or a lack confidence to persuade you to not apply for roles you are interested in. Companies would rather hire someone who is a good cultural fit with key transferable skills versus someone who only checks all the requirement boxes on the list.

Usually hiring managers would rather someone grow into a position rather than out of it. As a new hire, ask lots of questions, look for a mentor and if you make a mistake use it as a learning experience.

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