March 11, 2020

Effectively Working from Home

Technology has been creeping into all facets of our lives and this is truer of our work than any other area. Part of this technological revolution is our newfound ability to work from wherever we choose. This to me is both a blessing and a curse, but that rant is for another article. In this piece we are going to cover working from home and how to do it effectively.

This topic really hits home to me (pun intended), as I worked for a global IT company in which I was almost exclusively a remote employee. When I first made this transition, it was a real struggle, as I needed to adapt to an environment in which I had no direct oversight and many distractions. Looking around I would see home projects that needed to be done, kids that were being taken care of and the next blockbuster movie calling me to watch it.

It took some time, but I was finally able to master the idea of working from home. Here are some of the keys that helped me achieve this objective.

  1. Treat everyday as if you are going into the office. Set an alarm, accounting for some travel time. Shower first thing in the morning and get dressed and no, not in sweats. Walking around in your pajamas, may sound amazing but from my experience it also keeps you in that sleepy state of mind.
  2. Create a workspace that is free of distraction. Pick a room that has no electronics, outside of what you need to do your job. Try your best to pick a room that is furthest away from the noise if you have a busy household.
  3. Leave your house. Work a few ours outside of the house. One of my favorite spots to go, is Panera, but there is a whole host of places that have free Wi-Fi and can supply you with never ending caffeine.
  4. Invest in noise cancelling headphones, this applies especially if you have others in the home while you are there. My kids can be throwing a tantrum and I am at most times none the wiser. Out of sight, out of mind does have some merit.
  5. Make sure to interact with people and don’t be afraid to use the webcam. This can help build a sense of team, even if your coworkers are located thousands of miles away.


These are just a few of the tricks I use to make sure that I am remaining productive on the days that I work from home. As always, we are here to help you with all of your career development needs.


John Greenblatt

CEO, Five Star Resume LLC.