February 27, 2017

Every Interaction Matters

This is a topic that I have wanted to cover for a long time and now more than ever it is important to address. This is a topic that is very important in the professional world but also draws many parallels to everyday life. Our business is based on the premise of guiding you in your career and this is just what we aim to do, however if you want to practice this in your everyday life, that is 100% up to you.

As someone who has worked in various areas of Human Resources, including Corporate Recruitment, I understand fully how developing and maintaining relationships is crucial to one’s success. It is crucial in doing your job well, building relationships that can help further your career and aiding you in developing a good reputation across an organization.

I want to start by stressing how important it is to understand how every interaction matters and how it shapes and guides your career.  There is significance in what you take away from these experiences and what others take away from the experiences they have with you. Whether it is a brief hello or a long-winded conversation about a topic that doesn’t seem to make much sense for the context of the situation, it is always significant. You never know what can come out of an everyday interaction, so lets try and make them as positive as possible.

Most importantly, and I can’t stress this enough is not how you deal with your positive interactions but how you deal with those interactions that aren’t necessarily pleasant. It is easy to let emotions get the best of you, but to burn a bridge or to close a door is never a wise move.

Some people are inherently difficult to work with and some do not follow the rule that every interaction matters, but that does not mean that you need to align yourself with this way of thinking. Make everyone you meet want to help you, motivate them to aid you in attaining your goals both personally and professionally.

I know when I have a pleasant client experience, I want to help them further their career, even if we don’t see eye to eye on everything. Don’t take that out of context, nothing will ever change the fact that I will deliver the high level of service that my client has subscribed for, but when I have a great client who I know an employer will benefit from, I am more apt to recommend them to others in my network.

It’s hard sometimes to keep a straight face and not let other areas of your life creep into your interactions in the professional world, but this is something we must become proficient at. We need to understand that everyone carries their stressors from their day to day life and emotions can get the best of us, but also remember that a positive interaction, as brief as it may be, could be a remedy even if just for a little while.

Apply these rules both in your verbal and non-verbal forms of communication. Always think about how a communication comes across and if you are not sure, ask a trusted person to provide you with guidance. In my case I am lucky to be married to a no-nonsense woman who ensures I am told when I am about to say something silly.

In summation, let these rules apply to every aspect of your life, say thank you when someone opens the door for you, don’t bad mouth a co-worker in an elevator, find the positives in your previous company even if you didn’t leave on the best of terms. These things matter, they define us, they create a perception about who we are and what we stand for. Will everyone always treat you better because you are positive, of course not, but it will in the long run help you across the board.