Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Why should I choose Five Star Resume?
A – We have the tools you need to be successful. Five Star Resume has knowledge of the entire hiring process, having worked directly for Fortune 500 companies in Recruitment and Human Resources. We have extensive experience writing Resumes and carry Resume Writing and Human Resources Certification. Lastly, we have advanced degrees and training in the areas of career development and workforce psychology.

Q – Who will write my resume?
A – Definitely, not a robot, at least not yet! Five Star Resume is comprised of fantastic professionals who have a wealth of experience in talent acquisition, human resources and recruitment. All our Career Advisors are skilled in Resume writing and knowledgeable in the corporate hiring process. We will match you with a Career Advisor based upon their personal experience in your field or experience working with clients with similar backgrounds as yourself.

Q – How fast will I get my resume? What if I need my resume in a rush?
A – Once the intake call or meeting is completed the first draft of your resume will be delivered in 3 to 5 business days. If you feel that there is a position that you just need to get your resume submitted to as soon as possible, don’t worry we have you covered. Upgrade to our Rush delivery option and your resume will be delivered in 24 – 48 hours.

Q – Do you have any guarantees?
A – Five Star Resume offers a 60-day interview guarantee – If you don’t receive an uptick in interviews after we complete your documents, then we have more work to do. Our team will revise the Resume/Cover Letter and/or LinkedIn at no additional charge. We are not happy, unless you are happy, and the world is brighter when we are all happy.

Q – What is the difference between an in-person meeting and a standard on the phone session?
A – In short, there is no difference in process, however it gives us a reason to get out of our pajamas. We offer the in-person option for clients that feel more comfortable meeting us face to face. An in person meeting or a phone intake session is exactly the same process. We have offices in midtown Manhattan and downtown Chicago, so if you want to see our face that’s where you can do it.  For our interview-coaching clients, all sessions are done in person at our office except when geographically impossible.

Q – What if I do not have a current resume?
A – Than that means you have been getting new roles because people speak highly of you! No resume, no problem. We can provide you with an experience outline to complete so we can learn a bit about your employment history. We will use the experience outline as a starting point for your document and will gather all other information needed during your intake session.

Q – How can I make a purchase from Five Star Resume?
A – You can purchase any of our services directly from our website or just email us at with a copy of your current resume and we will bill you directly. If we invoice you directly we will bill in two 50% installments, the first as a deposit to hold your call or meeting time and the second after you have your session with your Career Advisor. Services will be paid in full before document delivery can be made.

Q – What is the additional page review fee for?
A – The additional fee will compensate your Advisor for the extra time needed to review your past roles and prepare for your session. This fee only pertains to your current resume (the one you send us prior to your service) and does not affect the length of your new resume. Example, our base rate is for a 1-page resume, if you have a 2-page resume that you want us work on, then this would incur a 1 additional page review fee. We bill this in half page increments.

Q – Are you going to send out my resume to recruiters or headhunters?
A – Privacy is paramount. Five Star Resume does not distribute your documents without your permission and maintains your files in a secure database.  We do have a network of Recruiters and clients that we have worked with and with your permission can share your documents. We will not distribute your resume to anyone without permission.

Q – What industries have you worked with?
A – We have worked with almost all types of industries. Our clients range from entry level to senior top executives. Our most popular industries that we have worked with are Financial Services, Accounting, Marketing, Media, Retail and Technology.

Q – Do you write resumes for government positions?
A – Yes, we sure do. Government positions usually require a particularly formatted resume and we are familiar with writing those. We are also familiar with the transition from public sector jobs to private sector roles.

Q – When you say 10 days of unlimited edits, what does that mean?
A – Part of our service is making sure we are capturing everything we need to be and answering any question you may have. We will make any and all edits that you want to your document for a 10 day period following the delivery of your first draft. When you get the first draft of your document we ask you to carefully review the document and provide us with feedback in a timely manner. This includes changing the verbiage of bullet points to reformatting the document as needed. If feedback is received outside of this window we can opt to charge a small retainer fee.

*Note, that if you would like a version of the Resume that targets a different field, this is out of scope and will incur an additional fee.

Q – What if I need revisions to the resume draft? How long should it take?
A – Just let your advisor know- email is usually best, and he or she will make all the necessary changes. It might be determined that a short follow up call may be needed to address edits. We pride ourselves on quick response times and edits will usually be made for you within 24 – 48hrs of the request. You have 10 days from the delivery of your draft to get an unlimited amount of edits.