April 2, 2013


As someone that has interviewed over 1000 people by phone and in person I have always been a huge proponent of candidates showing up early. However at a certain point in my career I noticed that some candidates would show up to the interview extremely early. This may seem like a good idea but I assure you it is not. Why, do you ask? Well the reason may surprise you. As a hiring manager when a candidate shows up to early I was usually not prepared for them, most managers have tight schedules and have these appointments scheduled at a specific time for a reason. The response to this by most candidates to this is that they know they are early and do not mind waiting, which is fine, but the hiring manager knows you are waiting for an extended period of time and may start to feel guilty. So what does it all mean? It means that you have already made the hiring manager feel guilty for making you wait and a little upset that they felt forced to try and hurry what they were doing all before you met with them . Not the best start!

The recommendation here is to get to the interview no more than 10 – 15 minutes early and if you are in the area earlier find a way to kill time. Bring a book to read in the car, go to a coffee shop or take a walk but I reiterate do not get to the interview extremely early!

John Greenblatt
CEO, Five Star Resume LLC