October 22, 2021

Goal Setting and its Importance!

“The moment you put a deadline on your dream it becomes a goal!” Stephen Kellogg

We all know goal setting is important but sometimes, we overlook the importance of setting goals that are mapped out.

Have you ever set a goal and months later recognize that it was not achieved? Or do you recall a time when you achieved a goal and felt a HUGE sense of accomplishment?  When identifying the differences in what helps us achieve our goals, it often is found that a planning phase can make it or break it! Employees who set and achieve their goals are likely to gain a promotion or increase in compensation. Personal goals also help us stay energized and motivated. All around, goal setting is important for everyday growth.

Below are 5 goal setting principals that can help you plan & achieve!

  1. Set a specific goal that is clear and concise: Setting clear goals will provide you with direction. Goals should also be concrete rather than generalized. For example, one of my colleagues had a goal of “increasing social media engagement.” After revisiting her goal, she developed a more concrete goal of “Increasing social media engagement by 10% at the end of Q3.”


  1. Find a way to measure your goal: Measuring goals will help keep track of your progress. For example, if you are a Hiring Manager, you may want to measure how many interviews you are conducting weekly.


  1. Create steps that include actions: Create a checklist with actions or a simple to do list. Checklists are an easy way to organize and map out your plan.


  1. Review your resources: As part of the measuring process, continue to track your progress to see how close you are to achieving your goal. Do you need to spend additional time on your tasks and projects to achieve your goal? Are there additional resources you need? What type of results have you produced so far?


  1. Set a deadline: Setting a deadline will hold you accountable for achieving your goals in a timely manner. Provide yourself with a date of completion such as “12/31/21.” There is no greater feeling than reaching your goal prior to your deadline!

Completing these 5 steps will help direct your actions towards goal-related activities.

What type of goals do you want to achieve?

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