April 29, 2021

In-Person or Remote Working- What’s Your Vote?!

The Advantages & Disadvantages of In-Person & Remote Work Settings

Over the past several years, one of the hottest topics of conversation includes the Pros and Cons of working remote versus in-person.  Pre-pandemic, companies were starting to “experiment” with the virtual workspace while allowing employees the flexibility to work remotely. Now, this is our “societal norm.”

Since March 2020, the pandemic provided myself with the opportunity to work remote while comparing my experience to my previous “in-person” life. For 8 years, I worked in a corporate office in Talent Acquisition and Operations while teaching courses at LIM College. Although commuting over two hours to New York City was not the most enticing part of my day, I genuinely enjoyed getting dressed up and engaging with a team. Teaching students in person also created the opportunity for developing personal connections with them and coworkers alike. Flash forward to March 2020 up until the present date, zoom is my best friend and student discussion boards are part of my daily routine.

As a working mom, I am able to continue my career while watching my son go through the many milestones of learning and development. As you can see, I have an internal dilemma regarding which setting offers the most perks and productivity. I have come to the conclusion that “the answer is that there is no direct answer”. At the end of the day, it’s how we overcome the cons and make it fit within our individual job and home-lives.

Check out my pros and cons list for each setting below!

Working from home


  • Cost savings in work attire, commute, food and beverages (The temptation of Starbucks & Takeout is removed)
  • Flexibility with work life balance due to lack of commuting (Sometimes))
  • Reduced commuting leads to less stress and also supports sustainable initiatives including climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Convenience and the ability to work from anywhere (On an island maybe someday?)
  • Utilizing lunch breaks to run errands and complete household chores 😊
  • Customizing your own office to match your comfort preferences



  • Communication gaps (Coworkers may not be easily accessible)
  • Lack of discipline and temptation of social media
  • Lack of team comradery
  • Inability to delegate tasks appropriately (Unaware of how much work a coworker has on his/her plate)
  • Management is unable to oversee hands-on operations
  • Employees may be overlooked for promotions and may miss out on development opportunities
  • Health- Lack of exercise and lack of sunlight (We all need extra vitamin D!)
  • Family distractions
  • Dependency on technology


Working in-person


  • Team collaboration and the ability to develop in-person connections
  • Hands on training and team delegation
  • Personal connections are easier to develop especially when companies host team building events
  • Exercise and mobility (Walking to the office, meetings, etc.)
  • Awareness of systems and processes through observation of other teams
  • Less distractions- Separation of home and work life



  • Cost of commute, work attire, cost of food and beverages
  • Travel time can create less time for family and increase stress
  • Lack of flexibility in working in diverse locations
  • Workspace comfort, with offices shrinking, sometimes a dedicated desk can be hard to come by

I would love to hear some of your Pros & Cons!  How do you overcome the cons of your work setting? Share your experience with the FSR Team!


Your remote working mom-Erica Alpert


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