June 29, 2020

Mental Health Matters

As I write this, we are entering nearly 100 days into the COVID-19 pandemic. I can speak personally to the mental battle it has been to stay grounded and sane during this time. We have all been impacted by this in different ways, whether it’s the strain of having children at home, or an immunocompromised family member or even just the anguish of not being able to participate in the social activities we are used to. In my opinion, I do feel that this is why social media, although sometimes beneficial, is wreaking havoc on our society. Its creating a false sense of connection and a social platform that is anything but social, however that is an article for a different day.

Let’s jump right into what we feel are some of the keys to boosting your mental health.

  1. Leave the house! Do it safely and keep others in mind when doing so, but this is number 1 by far. This can be in the form of taking a drive, finding a more secluded park to go to or even just walking around your neighborhood.


  1. Avoid the working more trap. This is crucial. Now that everyone is working from home, vacations are being cancelled and people are limiting their social interactions, it is easier than ever to shift the focus to working more. Colleagues will do this and they may try to take you with them. Do your best to set boundaries.


  1. Remember this will pass. It certainly has been a tough 3+ months and who knows how much longer this will endure, however keep in mind that this to will pass. Life may not be exactly the same, but we should begin to see more normalcy in the upcoming months.


  1. Embrace the positive. This is probably the toughest to implement. In a world mired with negativity it may be hard to see the positives. For me personally, I have gotten to see my spouse more and spend more time with my kids. Others may have been able to do projects in the house that they have been putting off. Others may have found that fitness has been reinserted into their lives. Some of us cook more now, because of the lack of availability of eating out. Try to embrace the positives while dealing with the negative impact that this has caused.

That’s all we have for now, but we are always here as a resource to help you through this roller coaster ride. We are excited for the better days that are ahead and are here if you need any guidance!

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John Greenblatt, Founder