January 6, 2015

New Year = New Career: Putting in the Effort

For many of us, our new year’s resolution is to move out of that dead end job that offers no advancement and to get away from that manager that under appreciates you. It is time to start that dreaded career search, and that means 20 page applications, hours searching through job boards, not knowing which positions are actually open and submitting resumes into the applicant tracking system abyss.

I wish I could sit here and write about an easier way to get that new career but unfortunately finding a new career is a job in itself. Although there will be a lot of effort on your part, there are some ways of making it easier on you.   One of those ways is to spend the time creating profiles on corporate websites, companies out there that have systems that will alert you when a position matches the key words in your profile and although this requires a lot of up front effort, it eventually lets the employer come to you.

A second way to make the career search easier is to leverage your contacts, we all know about the six degrees of separation, so it is very possible that someone you know may have a contact at the company you will be applying to.

Of course you will also have to pound the pavement and submit your resume through job boards and career sites, but remember putting the effort in usually pays dividends.

Not all of us have the ideal resume for the new career we are looking for, but many of us are more than qualified to do the role we are looking to obtain. I have worked with many clients whose resume doesn’t reflect how articulate and well-rounded they are and that is why networking events and career fairs are also a great way to find that dream job. This will allow the hiring manager to look beyond the paper and see you.

A quote that I like to live by is “Nothing worth having comes easy”.

Good luck and here is to a prosperous 2015!

John Greenblatt
CEO, Five Star Resume LLC.