September 16, 2014

On the Job Hunt: Staying Organized is Key!

Staying organized during the job hunt is very important to successfully securing your dream job. It is no longer good enough to simply apply to a job and try your best to remember what company you applied to, the title of the job and what was on the job description. The internet allows us job seekers to apply to a variety of jobs in a matter of minutes and in most cases these jobs don’t have the same title or responsibilities. Countless times I have called candidates that have applied to a position in the company I was recruiting with and they had no clue who I was, what the company did and what position they applied to. This immediately left a bad taste in my mouth as to whether I would want to hire this person. A few tips to stay organized and not get caught off guard are as follows:

1) Keep an excel spreadsheet or some other list of the positions that you apply to as a reference point. Track the company, position title and the date you applied to the position at minimum.
2) Maintain a separate email that is solely used for your job hunt and as always make sure it is professional (
3) Keep a folder on your computers desktop with copies of the job descriptions of the positions you applied to, this can be accomplished by simply copying the job description and pasting it into a word document. When doing this make sure to label each job accordingly.
*Do not save the hyperlink as those expire and you may lose access to the job description.
4) Unless you are aware of every position you applied to, let phone numbers you do not know go to voicemail. This way you can listen to the message, find out the company and reference your list in order to have a fruitful conversation about the job.
5) During the interview process always make it a point to track your interview dates, times and the person(s) you will be meeting with. Websites like Google, Yahoo and others have free calendar functions available to its users.

As always we try our best to help all job seekers land the position they want and as always thanks for reading!

John Greenblatt
Five Star Resume