March 4, 2021

Online Learning Opportunities: Skill building from home

Do you want to learn a new marketable skill or dive into a topic of interest just for fun? Online learning platforms are a great resource and an accessible way to accomplish your goals. There are several online platforms that offer a great option to keep you busy and productive while in the comfort of your own home. We will dive into six of the more popular platforms below.

LinkedIn Learning-

LinkedIn Learning has big emphasis on technical and web development topics to dive into. With over 600 coding courses and more then 3,000 other courses from business, design, photography or web development you are sure to find something that peaks your interest.


Skillshare is considered one of the most popular learning platforms with courses divided into 3 categories:

  1. Thrive, focusing on lifestyle and productivity
  2. Build, focusing on business analytics, leadership & management, marketing and freelance & entrepreneurship
  3. Create, with a focus on film & video, animation, graphic design, music, creative writing, photography and web development.


Skillshare takes a project-based approach to learning. The courses are structured in two parts: a video presentation and then a class project. The classes follow an open model platform which makes it community based and usually ahead of trends.


Masterclass offerings are taught by world-famous experts and celebrities. Each course is comprised of 20 lessons that last about 10 minutes each. With this platform there is the opportunity to join class discussions which offer the chance for questions, feedback and connection with other students.


Udemy is a platform made of 150,000+ crowd sourced (anyone can upload) videos on topics ranging from design, marketing, IT, business & personal development, photography and music. The site is less of a unified “platform” and more of a portal where students can access courses on almost every topic conceivable. One of the cool features is a recommendation quiz that will give a list of offered courses custom to you.


Coursera is basically a distribution channel for company and university courses; for example Yale’s popular “The Science of Wellbeing” course and Google’s Python Crash Course. Since these courses are offered by different entities the formats can vary from one-time workshops to professional specializations and even master’s certificates from online universities like Yale, Stanford or Princeton.


EdX was founded by Harvard and MIT. The platform is made of real college courses, created and taught by college instructors. are available in a huge array of fields and topics. The courses are geared toward STEM fields, but there are plenty other topics offered like languages, humanities, and arts. Since EdX has a partnership with Universities this platform offers professional degree certificates, plus “micro” degree programs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels.

Learning can take many forms. We believe strongly that you can never stop learning. It is apparent by how much we learn from our amazing clients everyday.

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