January 29, 2021

Reinventing your professional self for 2021

What does reinventing your professional self look like? As we continue to face many obstacles throughout the pandemic, many of us have used 2020 as an opportunity for “reinvention”.  Brands have used this period of change to “rebrand” or implement intriguing new services.

Did you know Southwest Airlines now has their own wine subscription service? Or you can now drive thru a “Chipotlane” to pick up food at Chipotle instead of the traditional counter pickup? Small businesses are also pivoting. According to a survey from Small Business Trends, “92% of businesses have pivoted their business in at least one way.”

As individuals, we are our own brand. We have a mission, core values, and of course- strengths. Taking the time to use 2021 as a period of change and reinvention is an exciting opportunity to exercise our strengths in this virtually focused era.

Just as businesses are experimenting with different offerings during this global crisis, let’s think about what we can offer ourselves in terms of our career.

First, let’s think about why we may want to “rebrand” or “reinvent ourselves.” Is it because different industries are booming while others remain stagnant? Environments are changing, the world is becoming more and more digitally focused.  Maybe you want to explore a new passion, acquire a position that is permanently remote, or simply explore a new set of strengths. Overall, there are several steps we can take to kickstart this process.

What are the steps that we can take to reinvent ourselves in 2021?

  1. Assess your strengths: We all have strengths that we are aware of. There are also strengths that we possess and are not conscious of. Assessments such as Skillscan, DISC, and Strengths Finder can help identify your top skills.
  2. Research: Review diverse job descriptions that include your key skills and qualifications. For example, if 3 of your top strengths include “Creativity, Problem Solving, and Strategic Thinking”, you may want to consider a career in Marketing. Skills Matcher on Careeronestop.org is one of many assessments you can use to help determine new careers that match your skills.
  3. Update your Resume & LinkedIn to highlight these skills: Add or highlight skills that were part of your assessment.
  4. Change your objective: If your Resume and LinkedIn was focused on your current career, however your assessment demonstrates skills that are transferable to another path, you can easily shift the focus to the skills and abilities that target that new path.
  5. Get involved! Network with professionals in the industries you are exploring. Attend virtual networking events or connect with professionals on LinkedIn that work in this specific field.


Professionals from entry to executive level are switching fields to not only adapt to the new changes, but they are using this time to explore new avenues that lead to overall growth.

If you need help making with this reinvention, our team has a wealth of experience in this area and can help you take that next step. Check us out at www.fivestarresume.com or on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/five-star-resume.

Erica Alpert, Career Advisor