December 7, 2021

Skill Series: The Importance of Adaptability

Are you flexible? Willing to learn? Accepting of change? Eager to try new things? Great news, if you answered yes to these questions, you most likely are adaptable. Adaptability, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is the ability to change or be changed to fit or work better in some situation or for some purpose. Being adaptable is one of the most desirable leadership skills.

Why is it important to be adaptable?


The ability to handle changes and setbacks while maintaining your composure is a soft skill that can benefit you in every facet of life, especially in the workplace. Adaptability shows your ability to be resourceful, think critically, prioritize tasks and step up as a leader.

Adaptability is especially important in the post COVID-19 world. With today’s uncertainty and the many changes in our daily lives, adaptability is given a boost in importance. By demonstrating adaptability, you can make seamless transitions, show alternative solutions, learn new skills easily, while remaining positive.

In my personal life, by living and working on the road while traveling cross country, this is the most critical skill I had developed. Things more often than not go differently than planned. The ability to “roll with the punches” as well as maintain goals and composure while the world around you is constantly changing is a skill that I value above all others.

By being adaptable you get the task at hand done, no matter the situation. Instead of squandering away your energy trying to change your circumstance, you will change yourself, making you able thrive in any situation.

As always it is important that we assess ourselves and find opportunities to develop these skills. If you need help building this or any other skill, reach out to us.

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