September 2, 2020

Sometimes Less is More_Crafting a Concise Resume

What is the key to writing a strong Resume? How do we possibly express ourselves and speak to our professional experience in 1 page or less! Well the good news is that in some circumstances we don’t have to. Even though it is now more acceptable to have a longer Resume, there is still a struggle to find balance between telling your story and finding the space to do so. Two factors that are driving this struggle include the average time we stay at a position in the United States (average is between 2 – 3 years) and the diverse expectations of us while we are in that position.

How do we combat the natural inclination to include all of our accomplishments and tasks across each role we have held? The first step is to decide what you want next by deciding what skill you want to continue to develop and the responsibilities you have that do not fit into what motivates you as an employee. After we self-assess, it is important to do something that may not seem natural, we should look for jobs before working to update the Resume. It is important to not only self-assess, but to see what the jobs we are prioritizing are asking of us. This provides us with the opportunity to create alignment between what we have done and what the job openings are asking of us.

After taking these steps, the next thing to remember is to make sure that the accomplishments listed hold meaning to the person that is assessing your Resume. The key to remember is that the Resume is just a tool to pique interest and get you a phone call from the hiring manager. Once you have their attention, you can speak to the diverse responsibilities that comprise your career. It is still important to focus on the points that align to the needs of the organization interviewing you, however this is more of the platform to speak to your career more holistically.

In summation make sure to keep your Resume focused, because as you know, sometimes less is more.

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John Greenblatt

CEO, Five Star Resume