August 23, 2022

Strategies for Dealing with Job Market Uncertainty

Dealing with Market Uncertainty

As individuals living through a time of job market uncertainty and change, we have many questions that come to mind. Will I get promoted? Will I have a job in six months? Is my company going to remain remote or go back to in-person work? Uncertainty in the workplace is one of the most common causes of stress especially during a pandemic.

This past year, employees have faced inflation, a tight labor market, increases in housing costs and continuous change in work models. The pressure to maintain employment or to move up in one’s career has caused a tremendous amount of job market uncertainty and anxiety.

When it comes to organizational change and uncertainty, we may not know the outcome, but we can control how we handle the stress that comes along with it.

Check out the top 5 ways to deal with uncertainty during a time of change:

  1. Face your fears: Think about your causes of concern. Eliminate irrational thoughts and follow the additional tips below.
  2. Acknowledge what you can’t control: You may not be able to control layoffs or going back to work in-person, but you can control your backup plan.
  3. Always have a “Plan B- What is your backup plan if you were to get laid off? Start applying to jobs and be proactive to keep your options open. Keep your resume and LinkedIn profile up to date. If you are anxious about a possible promotion, schedule a meeting with your employer. Also, start sourcing opportunities that could be in the direction you are seeking for the next step in your career.
  4. Reflect on Success- Think about the things you have accomplished. This will help you stay positive and remember that you have the tools to overcome obstacles.
  5. Incorporate techniques to “destress”- Meditation is a keyway to reboot and relax. Other ways to destress include joining employee meetup groups to speak about your concerns and receive feedback. Hearing feedback and the input from fellow industry professionals can help you see the possibility of positive change.

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