Refund Policy

The service(s) are non-refundable after 90 days of purchase, if attempts are made on our behalf to begin the process. We will honor the package purchased up to 1 year from the purchase date and can extend this time with approval from the leadership team. We will also consider applying the amount paid for a specific service to another service offering on request.

Refund requests after the service is provided will go through a review cycle with Sr. Management. If it is determined that the service is not provided in a way that meets our standards we will provide a partial or full refund. This is determined on a case by case basis.

Change Request Policy

After receipt of your “first draft” documents you will have two weeks worth of change requests and reviews by our Resume Writers. These changes must be withing the agreed upon scope of the resume. If a resume targeting a different career choice is requested, there will be an additional fee.  After two weeks there will be an additional cost for any change requests.