March 23, 2023

The Importance of Taking Time Off to Recharge

The importance of taking time off to recharge your batteries

Taking time-off is considered essential for employee growth and development based on various studies. As committed employees, we sometimes forget the importance of work life balance and how healthy it is to “recharge our batteries”.

Do you ever return to work after a long weekend or holiday break and find yourself calm, focused, and refreshed?  Often, employees table their vacation days and wait until it is the “right time.”  We think about who will cover our workload or whether management will frown upon our request to utilize our days off.

We need to reshape our thoughts into thinking “what better time than now”?

The benefits of taking time off include:

  1. Further motivation upon returning from a vacation, which in turn, leads to higher productivity.
  2. Reduced chance of burnout.
  3. Improvement in physical and mental well-being.
  4. Reduction in stress and enhanced creative stimulation.

What does the data say?

Studies from the Society of Human Resource Management “Illustrate the importance of vacation time and its impact on efficiency and productivity” Findings of 481 participants demonstrated that employees who took vacation were more productive than those who did not and improved job satisfaction.

Another study conducted by SHRM showed that “61% of American employees have 3 or more vacation days left over at the end of the year.”

Employers can encourage time off by demonstrating that work life balance is essential while communicating PTO policies frequently.

It is on us though to truly to disconnect. This has become increasingly difficult given our accessibility because of technology. Make sure to set boundaries and ensure that you maximize your vacation time, it is a benefit to both yourself and your employer.

When was the last time you took time off and where did you go? Share your thoughts with the FSR team!

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