October 29, 2020

Those Pesky Applicant Tracking Systems!

We have all heard of the dreaded ATS. The system that scans Resume’s and decides our fate before any human can look at our document. I want to talk a little bit about why they exist first, because many people voice their displeasure about the lack of human attention to the initial part of the hiring process. In many cases, technological advances arise from a need and usually come with both benefits and negatives. This is no different for the ATS. Let’s discuss the why first and move onto the what after.

Why do they exist? One of the main reasons they exist is because of how easy the application process has become due to technology. We no longer have to fill out paper applications or find out about positions through the help wanted pages in newspapers. This has driven the average reply rate to approximately 250 applicants for every open position and only 25% of which meet the qualifications of the role. Pressed for time and with limited resources both Agency and Corporate Recruiters could not possibly assess all submissions. This led to the development of software that can scan and weed out unqualified applicants. Of course, this process has some obvious issues, including the exclusion of some very qualified candidates from the talent pool.

What are we to do about it? We need to be savvier in how we approach building our Resume. We have to take into considerations just how these systems work and how to give ourselves the best odds at being in that top 25% of resumes that do get a second look. The key words that these systems scan against are usually inputted by the organizations Talent Acquisition team and closely align to key words that can be found throughout the job description. By leveraging key themes used in the job description and key demands of the role throughout your Resume, you can enhance your chances of beating the initial scan.

Also, an important note is to be careful with the Aesthetics of the Resume, as too many design features may hinder the ability of the ATS to accurately parse the data in the document.

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John Greenblatt

CEO, Five Star Resume LLC.