January 16, 2013

Your resume should be a dynamic document

Have you ever decided that its time to start getting your resume out there and notice that you haven’t put any of your experience from the last few years on it. Then you sit there and try to recall all of the tasks and responsibilities you have had over those last few years. Most of us know that this can prove to be a difficult task because our jobs usually consist of many tasks and responsibilities. There is a solution to this problem and it does require some diligence on your end. Your resume needs to be a dynamic document, which means that it is constantly changing and evolving. When you start a new job, are asked to take on a new responsibility, or required to learn a new system, it needs to go on your resume while it is fresh on your mind. I have found myself in the difficult position of trying to recall a task that I did years prior to updating my resume and usually it does not get put into context as well as it could have been if it was updated immediately. So what I ask is that you continuously manage your resume and make sure that the content is fresh regardless of whether or not you are looking for a new career at the current time!

John Greenblatt
CEO, Five Star Resume LLC